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Wish list for future Minecraft versions

Minecraft recently got updated to 1.10. I haven’t played it, but it adds some new mobs depending on the biome you’re in. Such as, * SPOILER ALERT * polar bears have been added to the colder regions. Desert biomes now have more “dangerous” zombies. But anyhow, I’ll write a Minecraft 1.10 review soon so we’ll cover all features in that, once I get a chance to play it myself :/

But anyway, what we WILL be covering today is what I would like to be added in future minecraft versions that would make the game more challenging and fun. So here goes:

  1. A thirst bar. In addition to the hunger bar, a thirst bar also affects your health, speed, strength. It would also be cool if getting dehydrated would also give you nausea or something like that.
  2. Biome-specific mobs. 1.10 has already started heading in that direction, but what I really would appreciate is, they would add more biomes, such as Africa, for example. Then, there would be specific mobs in Africa, in addition to the usual Minecraft mobs, for example, lions, elephants, cheetahs, leopards, etc…
  3. Fishes. Currently, fishes are “objects” rather than “entities”. It would be awesome if they added live fish in rivers and oceans. This feature could also be related to the above feature. Africa, for example, could have specific fishes in its rivers, likewise with other biomes. Y0u could also decorate your house with a fish-tank and some pretty fish!
  4. Birds. Currently the only thing that could classify as “bird” in Minecraft is a chicken. Besides that, who WOULDN’T love to have many birdies flying about in their world and listening to them chirping in harmony? You could perhaps even have a noisy parrot as a pet… Again, they could add specific birds to specific biomes.
  5. Snakes. It would certainly be more fun and challenging if you had to save yourself from snakes when venturing out in the Minecraftian world. Again, biome specific would be great. In Africa, for example, you had to encounter black & green mambas, cobras, stuff like that, while in America you had to encounter rattlesnakes, you know, cool stuff like that.

That’s just some of the stuff that would be great additions in Minecraft. The list goes on, but hey, if you’re a blogger yourself you can relate, things just never come to mind when writing. It’s so frustrating! But anyway, this post will be updated as soon as I have a few more ideas. But for now, that’s it.

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