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Quora answer: “Why does Microsoft force unwanted updates that ruins people’s computers?”


Why does Microsoft force unwanted updates that ruins people’s computers?



Ooh I am going to enjoy this one.

First, let’s break down your question.

Why does Microsoft [FORCE][UNWANTED] updates that [RUIN PEOPLE’S COMPUTERS]?

  • We will tackle this one step at a time, starting with [FORCE]. (The fact that Microsoft “forces” updates is debatable but we will get to that in a second.)

Microsoft “forces” updates for one simple reason: to protect you.

Remember WannaCry? Yeah, that massive ransomware that took the world by storm? The ransomware attack started in June. Microsoft had already patched that particular exploit in March. Yes, March. And here is another fact that the media won’t tell you: Windows 10 was least affected by the ransomware, for the simple fact that Microsoft “forces” updates. The only Windows 10 devices that were affected were those that applied all sorts of “hacks” and “registry tricks” to stop automatic Windows updates.

Now about the “Force” part itself. Microsoft lets you set active hours in Windows 10, during which Windows will not update. The active hours can be set for a duration of up to 16 hours. Once outside the active hours, Windows will first prompt the user that it is about to update. The user then has the option to postpone the update, or schedule it for a specific date and time. Windows will then never bug you about that update again. Just be sure to keep your computer powered on during the scheduled time and be sure to save all of your work, otherwise the update will try to install whilst you are busy.

  • Next, the [UNWANTED] part.

This is the most false claim in the entire question. No Windows update is unwanted. If you really think that security patches, bug fixes, and new features are unwanted, perhaps you should not use computers at all. Enough said.

  • Lastly, the [RUIN PEOPLE’S COMPUTERS] part.

I, for one, have never had ANY of my computers that run Windows 10 “ruined” by an update, major or minor. But I agree that not everyone has the same experience.

You cannot blame Microsoft or Windows for this. You see, Windows 10 is designed to run on any hardware combination imaginable. Keep that in mind, and you will be genuinely surprised at the fact that Windows is as stable as it is.

But if you cannot blame Microsoft, then who do you blame? Well, blame the hardware vendors. They write drivers that are of poor quality, therefore causing something to break with every Windows update.

And more often than not, it is actually the users that are negligent in keeping their drivers up to date (perhaps because they believe that hardware vendors “force unwanted updates”), therefore they are running drivers from 3 years back, which in turn cause compatibility issues with current versions of Windows.

Keep in mind that the above applies to both monthly “cumulative updates” as well as the bi-annual “feature updates” such as the Creators Update, Fall Creators Update, etc.

I think I have said enough. With that, I leave you to be the judge.


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