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Quora answer: “What is your opinion on the Florida High School shooting? Should they ban guns?”


What is your opinion on the Florida High School shooting? Should they ban guns?



“What is your opinion on the Florida High School shooting?”

Tragic. Sad. Disgusting. PREVENTABLE.

“Should they ban guns?”

No. That is not going to help. It will only make the situation worse.

I read somewhere, but I cannot recall where, that most of the mass shootings since 2009 were in gun-free zones.

Simple. Criminals and terrorists hunt for gun free zones. They know no one will defend themselves. Yet if the school had armed guards and armed teachers, they would have been able to save so many lives.

I fail to realize how taking guns away from the good people yet doing nothing about the guns in the hands of bad people will save lives.

Sure. Banning guns would work only if ALL of the below conditions are met:

  1. Corruption vanishes from the face of this earth. Highly unlikely these days.
  2. The police is extra efficient and respond within seconds. Haha, what a joke.
  3. No one has access to guns. No criminal, no good person. As I said above, for this to work corruption must vanish completely.

Only then will banning guns ever work. Otherwise, we need more guns in the hands of good people. Eventually, we will overpower the bad guys.


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