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Quora answer: “What exactly happens when I reset my settings on my iPad?”


What exactly happens when I reset my settings on my iPad?



When you press the “reset” button, the following events take place:

  1. The iPad contacts Apple’s headquarters, requesting a reset.
  2. The Apple HQ downloads all contents of the iPad in question onto their servers.
  3. The downloaded data is then sent to a CIA investigation officer.
  4. The CIA then browses all of the content and establishes if the iPad is being reset to dispose of any criminal evidence etc.
  5. Once investigation is complete and everything is clear, the CIA issues a reset clearance to Apple’s HQ.
  6. Apple’s HQ verifies the authenticity of the reset clearance by matching check sums, as well as obtaining a certificate of authenticity from the highest office in The Pentagon.
  7. Once the authenticity of the reset clearance is established, the Apple HQ then proceeds to erase the storage of the iPad.
  8. Once the storage is erased, the Apple HQ then proceeds to load a copy of iOS onto the storage. This copy of iOS has special security measures in place which are developed in conjunction with the CIA to further monitor the usage and behavior of the iPad.
  9. Once the user enters their information and completes setup, the iPad issues a confirmation of reset to Apple. Apple takes this, alongside the data the user entered during setup and hands it over to the newly-assigned CIA spy, who monitors every move on the iPad ever since.

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