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Quora answer: “What annoys you the most about/in fanfiction?”


What annoys you the most about/in fanfiction?



A lot of things.

  1. Most fanfiction out there is written by teenagers. Nothing inherently wrong with that, except that most of them are extremely perverted. That means that romance and sexual themes are EVERYWHERE. So annoying.
  2. Ships. Enough said. I seriously wish people would stop shipping every last character out there. Also, as a result of shipping two characters together, 1) every character other than the two in the ship are portrayed as villains, and 2) see point 1.
  3. Most fanfiction has extremely terrible spelling and grammar. One of the most common mistake is using ‘defiantly’ vs ‘definitely’. Definitely is used in a reassuring tone, while defiantly literally means being defiant. Examples: “I definitely saw him” vs “I defiantly saw him”.
    1. also most fanfiction doesnt use punctuation and dont capitalize there letters and use their instead of there and dont break the text into paragraphs and use and instead of comma so it becomes difficult to read and incredibly confusing like this particular text
  4. Most fanfiction authors use texting language during writing. Look, I’m a teenager myself, but if I see ‘lol’ or ‘brb’ or something stupid like that in the middle of a book, I’m out of here. I just can’t take it seriously.
  5. On the other hand of the spectrum, you have writers that use big words and complex language to try and make themselves look extra mature. The verity is that using ostentatious words only makes the act of scanning and processing words and their meaning extravagantly toilsome. See what I mean there? Just use the normal language, and make sure your spelling and grammar is correct. There is no need to write like how I wrote above.

There is some other things that aren’t coming to mind right now. If/when they do, I’ll update this answer.


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