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Quora answer: “Should I install Linux as my “main” OS?”


Should I install Linux as my “main” OS?



It depends on what you use your computer for. If you use it for programming, and programming alone, then you won’t notice the lack of Windows. In fact, things will be easier on Linux.

However, if you have a multipurpose computer, and you do things like graphic design, video editing, gaming, etc., then I wouldn’t recommend going for Linux as your main OS.

Instead, you could either 1) run Linux in a virtual machine, or 2) use the Windows Subsystem for Linux (also known as “Bash on Ubuntu on Windows”).

Personally, I recommend the 2nd option as opposed to a virtual machine, because after a few days, you will notice that the virtual machine can really start to slow you down. Talking from experience.

With the WSL (short for Windows Subsystem for Linux) however, you have a working Ubuntu installation (terminal only) that works and integrates seamlessly with your Windows system. You can access all of your files etc. the same way you would with cmd or powershell, as opposed to a virtual machine where files in your virtual machine and your host machine are separate, and have no way of sharing with each other. And it is relatively simple to use and officially developed by Microsoft and Canonical (the company behind Ubuntu) to provide the best experience.

Also, please do not ever try to use Kali as your main Linux distro. Kali is a specialized distro meant for ETHICAL HACKERS and PENTESTERS. It never was intended to be a daily OS.


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