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Quora answer: “Are macOS and Linux actually more secure than Windows?”


Are macOS and Linux actually more secure than Windows?



The main reason that macOS and Linux are not targeted as often as Windows is due to the fact that the user base is much, much less than that of Windows. Much effort with little gain; it usually doesn’t pay off.

Another reason is that the way in which programs are downloaded and executed is different in macOS and Linux compared to Windows.

You see, in Windows, you go to any website, download a .exe, run the installer and you are good to go. There is no central place to download software. Only recently with Windows 10 did Microsoft implement the Windows Store. Too bad that there are very few apps on the Windows Store.

This means that there is a multitude of software on the internet and often there are malware and ransomware disguised as legit software. Any Windows user knows those ads that read “Clean your PC free of viruses and trash NOW”.

On macOS and Linux things are a lot more different.

Mac user’s primary method of downloading programs is the Mac App store. Every program on the Mac App store is screened and verified by Apple to be free of junk and viruses, malware etc.

Similarly, on Linux, there are package managers and user-maintained repositories where software is downloaded from. Due to the open-source nature of Linux, these softwares are maintained by the community and they usually alert each other if something suspicous is identified.

Also, while this may seem dumb, it actually makes a difference: Linux users know better than to download and run malicous software.

That being said, it doesn’t mean that macOS and Linux are completely free of viruses and malware. There are a lot of malware targeting these two operating systems recenty (and macOS in particular) so you should maintain safe browsing habits irrespective of your operating system.


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