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Gaming weekly: Tips for surviving the Nether in Minecraft

The Nether is every Minecraftian’s nightmare. Only a few brave people venture to the Nether, and only a few survive. Below are some tips that I’ve gathered for going into the Nether:

  1. Keep obsidian and a flint & steel with you.
    That is in case a ghast damages your portal, you’re not trapped in the nether, FOREVER.
  2. Try and build a cobblestone house around your portal, as soon as you reach the nether.
    Again, ghasts. Ghasts are the nightmare of any Minecraft player.
  3. Try and stay as close to the portal as possible.
    That way, if you fall in a fight with a pigman, you can quickly hop back into the overworld. Venture far from your portal in the overworld to make the pigman forget you, then return back.
  4. Stay away from soul sand!!
    Soul sand is a block found in the nether. Nothing wrong with that, however when you try to walk on soul sand, you walk extremely slow. I must add that it doesn’t affect mobs.
  5. Keep your eyes on the floor.
    Because in the nether, it’s possible that there’s a 1 block hole in the ground, below which lies a huge pool of lava.
  6. Lava flows faster in the nether than in the overworld.
    Lava is actually quite sluggish in the overworld, but not in the nether! In the nether, lava moves at the speed that water moves at in the overworld. And you had better know, water is really fast in the overworld. So be careful out there.
    These otherwise neutral mobs, when hit, they form a coalition and attack you all at once. Death guaranteed. Only pick up a fight with a pigman if you have a SMITE enchantment on a diamond sword, that way you can kill it faster. Or else, only attack a pigman if you’re lost and want to get back to spawn and have placed all your stuff in an Enderchest.
  8. Use the Nether as means of transportation.
    Have two houses in the overworld? Both of which are worlds apart from each other? Not to worry. One block travelled in the nether = eight blocks travelled in the overworld. You can back a Minecart system in the Nether from one portal to the other. You save far more time.
  9. Do not waste arrows on ghasts.
    The only easiest way to kill a ghast is by deflecting its own fire charges. Quick and easy with no resources on your part. Only use arrows if you have a very good aim, or simply have too many arrows to waste.

I think that’s all what I have to say! Quick and short post, just to keep the ball rolling. I’m going to upload a Horse & Rider Weekly this Friday, which I haven’t uploaded in ages so stay tuned for that as well!

Until then, see you guys next time 🙂

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