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Gaming Weekly: Review on Minecraft 1.9

There have been 2 things that have been feeding the hype from Mojang’s side of things over the past 3 months. 1) Minecraft 1.9, and, 2) Minecraft Story mode episode 5. That being said, Minecraft 1.9 came out earlier this month, with Minecraft Story Mode episode 5 set to release on the 29th of this month. More on that later, we’ll focus on Minecraft 1.9 for today.

Minecraft 1.9 is called “The combat update”. It really has a bunch of combat improvements with a bunch of usual Mojang perks. The biggest feature that’s pissed off a bunch of people is that there is a cooldown delay in between attacks. That means no more spam clicking! Yes, the delay is not ridiculous, I think it’s roughly somewhere around half a second. That being said, you can spam click if you still like it, however the damage done will be less than usual. Like yesterday I was fighting a zombie and I was spam clicking, it took LITERALLY FOREVER to kill that zombie. The reason that many people have been set aback is due to the PVP factor. I personally feel that this feature is great, because now you have to strategically plan and time your attacks, instead of just plainly click-click, collect loot, move on. What people don’t understand is that this feature will also add some flavour to their PVP matches. You will have to dodge, plan, attack, dodge again, it seriously will be more fun. Alas, people don’t understand.

So here are some major features of  1.9 that I decided to review:

  • Mobs’ health points have been increased.
    This feature adds some flavour to survival and hardcore modes. Certain mobs had their health points increased. This feature works hand-in-hand with the cooldown feature; you really have to time, plan, pounce, crit in the head for maximum results.
  • Mobs can see you through blocks.
    Unlike before, mobs can now see you through blocks and will prepare to attack. The moment you’re visible, they’ll attack.
  • Swords can no longer be used to block
    I personally like this feature. They have made it more realistic; you have to use shields now to block.
  • Creepers are easy on players now.
    Previously, creepers would come into your face and blow up. Now, creepers stop 2-4 blocks away and then explode. They have kept it in such a way now that when creepers explode, they don’t kill you, but leave you with around 2 hearts, so you can continue on with life.
  • Witches are more dangerous and have sounds now.
    Witches now throw potions at a much faster rate, drink healing potions at a faster rate, and make those creepy witch laugh sounds now. Overall, you wouldn’t want to encounter a witch after 1.9.
  • The Enderdragon can now be summoned – up to 25 times per world!
    That is simple. You go to the end, kill the dragon, win the egg. You thought it was an epic battle but you want to fight it again legitimately. Well, now you can! You have to craft 4 ender crystals (I’m not really sure how to myself, Minecraft Wiki to the rescue) and place them around the exit portal (1 at each side). The first thing that will happen is that the exit portal closes. Then, all the ender crystals on the pillars reset, and the ender dragon appears again. You can do that for up to 25 times per world. However, the new dragon will not give you as much xp as the original one, and will not give you another egg. I personally like this feature.
  • Enderdragon head is now wearable.
    I’m not really sure how to obtain it in the first place, somehow you get it and wear it.

So yeah, overall, survival and hardcore modes have been beefed up quite nicely. I personally like this new update! I am currently playing survival 1.9 so let’s see how far I go before I end up being eaten for dinner 😀

There are A TON of more features to 1.9, here is the complete feature list.

With that, see you guys next post!


2 thoughts on “Gaming Weekly: Review on Minecraft 1.9

  1. i think you obtain the dragon head by letting it DIE by a charged creeper explosion. Almost maul it, and then push a charged creeper in, and bait both mobs to you. when it explodes, and it dies, you get the head. If i am no mistakijg it

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