Hello. My name is Ahmad.

I am a 15 year-old Muslim living in Johannesburg, South Africa. I am what some people call Homeschooled. Others prefer to call it Unschooling. But I like to call it Disciplined Unschooling. The name is pretty self-explanatory.

I am a programmer in making, and am also studying ethical hacking. I know Python, as well as some C++. I also know some HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, although web design isn’t exactly my cup of tea. I also know how to make powerful web apps with Python using frameworks such as Django.

I am a tech geek and am deeply interested in all things technology. I always have been interested in computer science and from a young age, gadgets such as smartphones and various other electronic devices always interested me.

I also love to read and write. Maybe I excel at reading, but hey, I think my writing is fairly decent!

Speaking of which, I am a tech blogger and YouTuber. I blog and make YouTube videos about topics that interest me.

While we’re on the subject of reading and writing, I am fairly active on Quora. Check out my profile now.

I am also a horse-rider, and an aspiring Minecraft Redstone engineer. I currently ride a 16hh horse and am doing showjumping, and have professionally fallen off about 17 times. About the Minecraft part, I struggle even to get a door to open with a button. But you should never give up hope, hence the word “aspiring”.

I am an amatuer photographer, but only when I am bored. I am, however, really interested in videography and love video editing as well.

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